Cheryl Zwarkowski

News and Events

Cheryl will begin the second half of her Down California adventure on Sunday, October 12th.  She completed the first half of the adventure on June 22nd, completing 496 Miles. She will begin the second half in Santa Cruz running approximately 40 miles a day until she completes it at the California-Mexico Border on October 25th.

Here is the mileage and location plan for Cheryl Zwarkowski's Down Cali adventure. This is the second half and will cover 526 miles:


October 12:        Santa Cruz to Monterey  40 Miles

October 13:        Monterey to McWay Rocks  40 Miles

October 14:        McWay Rocks to Cruz Rock  40 Miles

October 15:        Cruz Rock to Morrow Bay  40 Miles

October 16:        Morrow Bay to Guadalupe  40 Miles

October 17:        Guadalupe to Hwy 1 near Lompoc  40 Miles

October 18:        Near Lompoc to Santa Barabara  40 Miles

October 19:        Santa Barbara to Oxnard  40 Miles

October 20:        Oxnard to near Santa Monica  40 Miles

October 21:        Near Santa Monica to Long Beach  40 Miles

October 22:        Long Beach to Dana Point  40 Miles

October 23:        Dana Point to Solana Beach  40 Miles

October 24:        Solana Beach to Imperial Beach  40 Miles

October 25:        Imperial Beach to US/MEXICO Border 6 Miles